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  1. If and when Turner is still struggling come mid-June, who do you feel replaces him? I don't think we go Heaney just yet. Maybe Desclafani? Flynn or Conley?
  2. everything...belt...high....everything...belt...high....
  3. I've never understood why the marlins never adjust their approach when a pitcher has shown the consistent ability and desire to throw a first pitch fastball for a strike.
  4. wow...what a 2013 marlins kind of a moment lol
  5. I sense some salty goodness coming *repeated and exaggerated eyebrow raises*
  6. It was a tough throw going away from the bag, but I still feel Dietrich should have picked that.
  7. Turner reminds me a lot of Volstad No bueno.. haha! Exactly!
  8. Ugh Turner looking more and more like Volstad-incapable of pitches below the belt.
  9. Yes...god yes please...it's finals week and I need this lol
  10. Wooooo! Great swings all night hech finally got one down.
  11. The one positive I take out of this is being surprised we lost. edit: and EO pitched pretty darn well.
  12. So who do you think we hit? Dobbs? Johnson? I'm not even really sure who the padres setup man is.
  13. AJ's role should be our 8th inning guy and this def isn't a good spot to use him. It is the 8th...
  14. I get that AJ Pitched an inning last night but I still think he should be in right now.
  15. Ingles, por favor? I guess literally it means "put in hands" lol. Pretty much just means "go get it".
  16. It's so refreshing to have a real bench this year lol
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