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  1. ugh....bonifacio....I'm not gonna freak out on him or anything, but I'd atleast like for him to start with his hands back instead of pulling them back and then swinging. I think it's too much movement and limits his ability to "slap" at the ball a-la luis castillo.
  2. NICE!!!!....seven strong innings from Chris. Really couldn't ask more. Now it's up to the pen.
  3. I know what you're talking about, but Fredi was talking about sunday. If he needed him sunday, he'd use him.
  4. Im hoping to see matt tonight. Lets see if he can get back on the horse so to speak. I wanna learn real quick if he can get it done. actually, i think the ball club said they weren't gonna send him out there tonight since they don't want him going back to back nights yet cause of his injury. Plus, he through a lot of pitches last night.
  5. I hate loooooong foul balls...they always mean a terrible strikeout is imminent lol
  6. *hesitantly goes to shower*....ugh at my g/f and her stupid plans! lol
  7. SICK!....I'll give up the run, but that double play was exactly what we needed. Lets hope Chris can regroup and get out of the inning with only that run scored.
  8. Bandwagon people out early on these boards? Just a few days ago there was a 40 page thread... lol i saw the same thing! I was like...only three pages? o.O...don't let my post numbers fool you, I patrol these boards religiously, i just don't post much due to my crippling insecurities XD
  9. That sudden outburst of awkward laughter from tommy and rich plus all that talk about how people were fuzzy from the sixties has me thinking they're burning through alot more than stats up in the booth
  10. Quick question...Does anyone know whats going on with Jose Ceda? What are his numbers so far? I'd like to see him brought up to the big club sometime soon. We could really use him, unless the fact that i know absolutely nothing about him is causing me to feel that way lol
  11. LMAO volstad tried sending chan ho a message, and then almost jacked!
  12. Here it is :thumbup it isnt letting me paste it...but go to this link http://www.angelfire.com/blues/new_yorker/TATC.html
  13. lmao!! Poor guy! Man, I'm sure someone has information proving he was slowly on the decline, but it just seems to me like he went from hitting 40 jacks with the dbacks to being an old sack of bones overnight. Its sad to see a lot of the guys I grew up idolizing just fizzing out.
  14. Pfft, no doubt! Not only is he slower, but he's completely let it go to his head. His swing has gotten insanely long and you can tell he's trying destroy ever pitch. He's trying to pull everything and it's just frustrating the crap outta me lol. But yeah, even though he'll eventually come out of the hitting funk he's in, I'd still prefer a "smaller" hanley.
  15. Me and my company (America's Premier Realty) recently partnered up with the fish. And because of that, we are running a great promotion that come opening day is going to pushed all across every medium available. We are buying ANYONE who buys/sells their home with our company season tickets to the upcoming 2009 season. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. It starts at fish tank and gets better the higher the price of the house! Higher priced tickets can also be cut into more seats of less value (for example, if youre due tickets to Club Level A '$1200', you can cut that into two fish tanks season tickets '$600'). We all know here on this board how important it is to get the people in the seats. So even if you arent in the market for a house, tell EVERYONE you know who is looking to buy or sell about this promotion. I'm placing a link to our site's blog where the info is located. At the end of that blog, there is a link to our sites homepage. Also, under this post, i'm placing a link to the contact page of our website in case you have trouble finding it, which you wont, but just in case. Alright guys, get together and talk about this with everyone! If we work hard we have the chance to put 5K+ more people in the seats every game this year. LET EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT THIS PLEASE!!!! HERE ARE THE LINKS: Information on the free season ticket promotion America's Premier Realty contact page
  16. i dont think so. i think he's gonna be a september call up and then maybe next year he makes the team out of spring training.
  17. oh, i see, that could be it. yeah i kno, i tried to call the marlins but all they had was the operator. and talking to those automated machines is like talking to a toaster oven. lolz. alright thanks everyone.
  18. sweet. thanks alot. but what about those deposits? i dont understand that. i mean, i know what deposits are, but its says the deposit is $350. but the kids entire package is $344. so if u could clear that up for me it would be awesome.
  19. I wanna buy a full-season fish tank plan. how much does that cost? cuz i go to flamarlins.com and it just gives me the prices of deposits. i wanna kno how much it is for adults and how much for kids please. thanks :thumbup
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