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12 minutes ago, Photo-Realistic Billy said:

Sounds like one team might punt the draft and save the money and picks for 2021 (which isn't the craziest idea given how many players are planning to wait until then anyway).

Any guesses which team is thinking that? My guess is the Pirates.

I've heard Orioles might actually be one of those teams. 

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100% behind the idea of Asa Lacy. Continue to stack up the rotation and whoever isn't going to make it into the rotation, turn them into relievers / spot starters. Our main rotation can get 26-30 starts (save them for playoffs!) and the spot starters combining for the remaining 12-32 starts. I feel like, especially once we have the DH, having relievers who can all go 2 or 3 innings at a time can be incredibly valuable.

Imagine a rotation with ...

Lacy, Sixto, Cabrera, Garrett, Sandy (for example)

Bullpen with ...

Vesia (m'boy), PabLopez, Neidert, Rogers, Guzman, Holloway, Fitterer ... the 8th spot available could really be anyone, potentially another lefty (Castano?). This was just off the top of my head, there may be even better options.

No reason we should ever have any pitcher going two days in a row at any point. Freshest bullpen in the game.

Whichever pitcher can't even crack that bullpen, trade for batters! But really. That entire staff, starters can consistently go 5 or 6 innings and we could use, maximum, three pitchers a game as a normal thing. The BULLPEN could almost have a rotation of its own!

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How can a team actually punt this draft? Like purposely drafting cheap guys to save for next year? Why would that work? Next year is next year why waste this year? At least try to get something good with your picks this year. 


If I'm not understanding this right let me know. 

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2 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:

Wait, can teams just decline to draft anyone? I didn't know that was even allowed. That's awful. 

Yes, I am pretty sure you can pass your turn. Just doesn't happen since it typically makes no sense.

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4 minutes ago, SongInTheAir said:

I truly believe we will draft a baseball player in this baseball draft. Check back here later to see if I got it right!

Bold prediction

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