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  1. I hope he hits as good as he is now during the season. If he does, expect him to be in the race for MVP. And expect the marlins to be in the race for a playoff spot.
  2. I happen to like loduca. I'll take him over kendall IMO.
  3. What a b**ch. Man there's no love for the marlins anywhere in the florida government.
  4. I think we could be competetive as we are now. And when we sign delgado we'll be ready for another world series run. I think it's better to save some money for transactions at the trading deadline.
  5. I really don't think changing positions is all that hard.
  6. :thumbup Can't wait to see how he does. I hope he is as entertaing as Len. Man those two really made a great broadcast team. :crying
  7. Im looking to buy season tickets so i guess i'll give him a call. Thanks Admin.
  8. Great news. I just hope we can get them to sign longterm.
  9. I missed it when it happened and I missed the encore.
  10. Sounds intersesting. But im too young. Maybe in a few years. :thumbup
  11. You're crazy. Come on beinfest let's git'r done. :thumbup
  12. There's always enough room for a quality arm.
  13. Naw. Luis stays here. He's too important to this franchise's future.
  14. I'd rather see Dillon out there rather than Harris. I think he's washed up. I'm not gonna say he sucks because he's the one in the majors and I'm the one sitting at the computer doing nothing. But i just think the marlins need someone they can count on from the bench. Lenny Harris isn't that player.
  15. Miggy all the way baby. He performs as well or better than beltran and he is younger. He is also like $119 Million dollars cheaper
  16. Great. Hopefully the marlins will try to sign him to a multi-year extension during the season.
  17. I'm definetly going to pick one up when he comes out with the marlins uni :shifty . That's a nice swing. It sure would be pretty effective at dolphin stadium :thumbup
  18. What about Burnitz...do you think he would be willing to play right...and if so...we could trade Enc. for some bullpen help. 657825[/snapback] :thumbdown Burnitz Strikes out too much. And he is a major downgrade defensively over encarnacion.
  19. Thanks. Im gonna try to go to all the games at Roger Dean.
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