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Marlins Park Renovation Updates


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I decided to create a new thread specifically for updates, as it'd be easier to keep it all in one spot.  I'm going to include my previous post here to start the thread, and will continue with today's comments/pictures


10/11/18 Update:


So an update on the ballpark renovations...


I decided to drive by after work and walk around the park and see what I could see.


I quickly realized I had never actually walked around the entire park (on the outside) before.  I discovered a few things I didn't know were there, namely the new brewery in the north west garage - I remember people mentioning it, but never knew where it was; and the retail space in the southwest garage facing the plaza - both storefronts empty of course, but I never knew it was there....I only knew of the retail on the north side of the northern garages.




From the outside, it didn't seem like there's much in the way of renovations going on aside from general maintenance such as pressure cleaning the pathways.  The 5th base remains just a fancy tent - honestly I'd never seen it before either.


I went down there to try to peek inside, and more importantly to see if there was any sort of work on that northeast corner where they proposed moving the home run sculpture to.  There wasn't any work being done there, and the top of the sculpture was intact from what I could see from the outside (roof and windows were open).


Walking around further, in the southeast garage, there were stacks of something in the bottom floor - I'm not sure if it was fencing or construction materials.  It was too far away to tell what it was.  Also on the southeast corner of the park in the loading bays, I saw several of those Waste Management dumpster bag things filled with seats that have been removed.  Too bad they're just going to throw them away - I'd take a couple (not sure what I'd do with them, but I'd take them).




Anyway, I didn't take any pictures, as they wouldn't have shown up well through the blue windows and distance, but the only interior changes I could see from the Clevelander area was down the 1st baseline in the upper corner where that previous video showed the guy taking out seats.  There were three sections extending from the baseline wall which had the top.....eh...10-20 rows (maybe?) removed.  There didn't seem to be any work done yet beyond removing the seats in that area.  Otherwise, I couldn't see any other changes from that vantage point.  I couldn't really see the second or upper deck, and I did not see any seats removed in the areas above the dugouts where they were moving ticket holders (and presumably making seating changes there too).


I may continue going every few weeks to see if I can see anything going on if anyone is actually interested.



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And now for today:


All exterior signs displaying the current logo have been removed.  Interior logos, and the Marlins Park logo on the roof remain intact for now, though.






All banners Marlins banners that were on the parking garages were removed, leaving only advertising ones up






Some seats above the home dugout have been removed now:




The main part of Homer is still visible from the exterior:




However!  Homer is already being dismantled.......I found parts for it underneath the park in one of the loading bay:




Work on homer's new spot in the north east corner hasn't begun yet, though.


I also saw dumpsters full of debris and insulation on the west side in the plaza.



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Thanks @rmc523 this is very useful.


I guess they’ll just wait until the new logo is announced before changing the big sign at top of park. Otherwise they’d need to send a crew up twice. 


Yeah, that's what I figured too.  Furthermore, I wonder if they have any sort of naming rights deal in the works, meaning they wouldn't have to put up a new Marlins Park sign up, but they'd put whatever company logo


I’d really enjoy if you kept this up. Great stuff


I plan on going maybe every other week or so?  As today showed, it seems like a decent span of time for something to change.



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