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  1. our gain is their loss.......let him go suck somewhere else....KC should immediately fire their GM yea, Olivo would be a terrible guy to have on the bench
  2. is there a reason a phillies fan is posting on a marlins fansite or am i missing something? nothing wrong with a fan of another team posting here
  3. I wouldn't say he's bad, but I would say he's the third best SS in his own division (this coming from someone who thinks Reyes is also vastly overrated). I would also say he's not one of the best lead off men in the league. If you were telling me Hanley is the best Hitter playin SS than that's one thing, but I think you under value defense. J-Roll is a Better Defender than Hanley. The Most important part of playing SS is Defense. Hanley is a great hitter no doubt, but to say he is a better SS is grasping for straws that aren't there. You wont be able to convince me otherwise until Hanley Cuts his errors in half. Dont tell me it's a "wash" with the glove either, because that just isn't the case. I'd have Ramirez over Rollins on my team any day of the week. Of couse you would, and I dont blame you. He's the only Ray of light right now for you guys. We're Spoiled in Philly, having Utley and Howard as well. It's like you come here just waiting to stir the pot to say Hanley is all we have going for this team is just stupid probably as stupid as me responding to this post though
  4. stinks. .208 AVG/.269 OBP/.278 SLG/547 OPS/1 homer/ 12 RBI in 144 AB No thanks wow you are right he does stink sorry I even mentioned him coming up with us. Besides they did let him go For our catcher, I don't really care as much about his offense than how he will be able to handle our pitchers and their pitches. If he can save our arms and call a game, I say sign him. we have catchers that can handle our pitchers I mean handle them Well. If treanor were the answer We wouldn't have signed Rabelo. We don't really know how Rabelo is gonna turn out. So, If Phillips could do a better job than those two, I wouldn't mind signing him. What a fallacious argument. The Marlins non-tendered their starting catcher from 2007 so the trade for Rabelo shouldn't be regarded as little more than maintaining depth at the position. There is absolutely nothing to indicate that Phillips could match Treanor's performance, which has been on the rise. bingo
  5. Ramp

    What is your faith?

    South Florida has a higher population of Jewish people than most of the rest of the country. still not in accordance with the demographics of south florida. Perhaps not, but growing up, I knew a lot more jews in my area than christians. It was actually weird going to college and having virtually no one there being jewish. Weird, I grew up in Boca and am Jewish myself and although the area obviously had more Jewish people than most or all other areas, I certainly didnt know more Jewish people in my area than Christians, because there werent more. Also, all the Jewish people from Boca went to UF. ...or Indiana :whistle
  6. I think being on that stacked offense alone, he'll get his wins... and yet his overall numbers will be ugly then again, I'd rather have Willis at this price than Silva at his (lol @ Bavasi)
  7. Dombrowski took care of his boy, DT will have a huge year for the Tigers next season. I am very happy for him What did Dombowski have to do with Willis before this trade? Did I say Dontrelle had anything to do with Dombrowski before the trade. I just said he took care of him. I just believe DD is one of the smartest execs in baseball you said Dontrelle was Dombrowski's "boy" I guess that sounded kinda racist...Sorry Folk I don't think anyone believed that was racist
  8. Dombrowski took care of his boy, DT will have a huge year for the Tigers next season. I am very happy for him What did Dombowski have to do with Willis before this trade? Did I say Dontrelle had anything to do with Dombrowski before the trade. I just said he took care of him. I just believe DD is one of the smartest execs in baseball you said Dontrelle was Dombrowski's "boy"
  9. Dombrowski took care of his boy, DT will have a huge year for the Tigers next season. I am very happy for him who's his boy? Willis?
  10. I was hoping this was a topic about the movie with Michael Keaton
  11. i know u said "just to throw a name out there" and all, so im not lashing at you...but i would take vladdy's career over maglios "ONE magicial season" anyday. this wasn't Magglio's first .900 OPS season
  12. The Padres have made an offer, but Houston, Cincinnati, Washington, the New York Mets, St. Louis, Texas, Florida and Cleveland are also in the mix. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/hotstove07/c...&id=3160218
  13. I don't think I would have wanted the Marlins to give him that kind of cash.
  14. FSU coaches can at least continue preparing for Kentucky knowing that top playmakers Preston Parker, Antone Smith, Greg Carr and starting quarterback Drew Weatherford are among those not affected by the case. The defense is expected to be hit hard by the losses but leading tacklers Derek Nicholson and Geno Hayes were not on the list shared by sources on Tuesday. yay preston!
  15. Bonds last year in Pittsburgh hit only 34 bombs. But even then he was already showing sign of of steroid usage. in 473 at bats he slugged .624 that year and no he was not showing any signs of steroid usage then
  16. Yeah Bonds took them a few times too many. BEFORE THE JUICE he was a good contact hitter, with speed, and just a little pop! you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about
  17. Pitt Dallas Cleveland GB Indy Detroit NYG Jax NO Arizona TB Seattle NE Tenn Minn SD 11-5
  18. Ramp

    Pro Bowl

    Mario Williams didn't make it
  19. Ramp

    Valverde to Houston

    poor Valverde. No one wants to go to that dump of a team anymore. Outside Oswalt, Pence, and Berkman, the Stros have absolutly nothing. Carlos Lee? and JR Towles is a pretty cool pitching prospect and Miggy Tejada ain't a bad SS
  20. Cool pics. Did you talk to anyone about getting rid of Miggy or Cabs, or perhaps about the newcomers? Just wondering if anyone expressed any thoughts beyond the "well, we're sorry to see them go," etc. Wiley is really high on Miller. Couldn't say enough good things about him. and that's being pretty mild he's absolutely enamored with him
  21. I can't believe (and yet, I can) some of you are jumping on him for saying the right things obviously it's on the field that counts the most, but it's nice to see him say these things
  22. Hardy won! and Y2J had the crowd in his hand during his match with RKO
  23. Piazza sucks, we don't need him! Why even discuss this, it's a waste of perfect forum space. He's passed his prime, was never a great defender and now his offense is declining. He'll prob end up no where and if he does end up somewhere it'll be either in the American League as a DH, or in the National League as a reserve who'll eventually be sent down to the minors for a younger kid to take his place. haha
  24. "With Dontrelle being gone, someone has to do it. Whoever it is, obviously, it will be well deserving. But I'm not going to sit here and beat around the bush. I want to start on Opening Day. It's just going to come down to how I pitch in Spring Training, and the shape I show up in, and the shape the other guys show up in. It will come down to the competition to see who gets it." "That's over, that's in the past and over with," Olsen said about the fallout from the arrest. "On the field-wise, I was throwing a lot of balls, and I was walking a lot of people. I watched a couple of game-tapes, scouting people. You'd see, I'd get two quick outs on nine or 10 pitches, and then the inning turned into 28-30 pitch inning after two outs and nobody on base." "I think if you are the Opening Day starter, and you replace that No. 1 guy, there might be some more people looking up to you, and more people wanting you to be that guy who steps up every time out," he said. "We knew [Willis] was going to be the Opening Day starter, but at the same time, he was still like, 'Something might happen. I might have a 10-and-a-half ERA in Spring Training. Make sure you go for it, strive to do it. Give your best each day. Even if a position is set and locked, you still have got to go out and do your best.' " "[Willis] always used to say that he didn't like guys, who when they were winning, they are in the clubhouse, and they're happy," Olsen said. "Then when they are losing, they are down. You've got to be the same guy every day. He was really good about that, to maintain your composure every day, whether you win or lose." "It can't get any worse than that, with all the stuff that happened last year," he said. "All the bad, I think it's made me probably stronger mentally and more able to handle everything that goes into this job. "I'm looking forward to next year. It will be interesting, but it could be a lot of fun. I'll be 24 in Spring Training. You've got to grow up eventually." Someone grew up... atleast verbally
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