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  1. It's still too early, but I agree with those of you who are unwilling to make major trades. We missed out on LaRoche, the best bet might be to upgrade from within. I still hope this opens up the possibility of Shields for us. We would have one of the best rotations in baseball and it would give Jose Fernandez some extra time. Unless there is a chance to bring in a major impact player on the cheap, I would hold onto our players.
  2. I agree. Get Laroche and Shields and dangle Koehler / Eovaldi with Jones for a 2B (Castro).
  3. What's BS? I said he can be a fifth starter, but it is very unlikely he becomes a cy young candidate. There was nothing "unlucky" about how he pitched.
  4. That would be bad. I don't understand what their love affair with the guy is. I would hope that they would wait and see how he plays this season before paying him.
  5. It's too early to say that. It definitely is a make-or-break season for Hech though.
  6. I have no doubt the guy will bounce back after taking a season to adjust to a new roster and the NL. Tons of teams would love to have him. I can't believe people are arguing Mathis as an option to start. Send Mathis to the BP and let's find a better backup catcher.
  7. None of them are really defensive liabilities and they can all bat. Assuming Hech continues to improve, it's a pretty decent infield.
  8. Absolutely go after the guy. 4 years is not a bad deal. Cosart and Alvarez are great, but Eovaldi is not going to develop into anything better than a 5th starter. The rest of the guys from last year aren't a solution. Consider trading them or keeping them in AAA for seasoning.
  9. Give Salty another year in the NL. He will bounce back. Plus, stability at the position is good for a young rotation and Salty has a very favorable deal and brings playoff experience with him. Keep him.
  10. I don't think he's worth more than his old contract. Who would be willing to pay him 100 million? I wouldn't. The Marlins aren't deaperate for 3B so massive contracts for Sandoval or Hanley shouldn't be considered.
  11. I can live with McGehee, LaRoche and Hech. Let the guys battle it out for 2B. We could always make a trade mid-season if we need it.
  12. I wouldn't mind Hanley on the cheap (4/40). Sandoval is asking too much money for my taste, unless there is some kind of clause about his playing weight, and even then. Go after Laroche and Shields and we're done. We can try and find a 2B from within or make a trade if it becomes evident we dont have any viable short-term options at 2B before the trade deadline.
  13. So we all know that this is a make-or-break season for a lot of players to prove they deserve to stick around after this upcoming season in hopes for a playoff push in 2015. Which players are on the hot-seat? Hechavarria and jones are the only two I can think of.
  14. The only way I don't like the move is if the Marlins declare him the starter before spring. I think Cogs should be brought back to compete for both 2B and 3B. Furcal hasn't played in a couple of years, and he's always been average, at best. While you may think average would be an upgrade, it's gonna be difficult for a 36 year old to come back and produce after a major injury. If he comes back and shows he still has that golden glove and can bat .255, I'm sure the Marlins will get some extra wins. Nonetheless, I agree that I'm really pleased the Marlins are holding onto the pitching talent t
  15. Unless Napoli comes at a discount, you have to overlook him. The Marlins would be stupid to let go of LoMo when he may still produce, comes at a fairly cheap price and has little trade-value. If he doesn't produce, they can dump him. Next year's FA class is the one you want to hold out for: Chase Headley, Hanley Ramirez, Colby Rasmus and Pablo Sandoval may be hitting the market. This upcoming season will paint a picture as to who in farm system will develop into a major league player, and which of those already on the team, deserve to keep their jobs. As for trades, I would hold off
  16. Am I the only person worried the Marlins are willing to part with top prospects for mediocre talent? The FA class is weak and the players they're looking at simply aren't worth the asking price. Why not see what stop-gap you can find in FA for 3B and see how much your team can improve from within? Better trade scenarios will be available once the season has commenced and teams start to sell-away pieces as they fall out of contention. Next year's FA market is lining up to be much better, and would allow the FA to better assess the catching position, and what young arms they can part
  17. Too many of you are getting your hopes up by assuming Stanton would definitely sign a long-term deal. The teammates he would always hang out with and hit the clubs with, are gone. We know of his desire to go back home and he couldn't possibly trust this organization to "build" anything, especially since they have no plans to sign any big names. If I were him, I wouldn't sign anything until this organization proves they're able to build a championship contender and fast.
  18. I meant to say that 2015 is too far away to start making projections.
  19. What can the Marlins get in return? Also, why does everyone overlook the possibility of the Marlins finding players through free-agency or the Rule-5 draft?
  20. Well I'd like to see the Marlins make a package that includes Nolasco, Webb and maybe Ruggiano. If they offer to eat some of Ricky's contract, maybe we can get back some real value?
  21. I think the biggest problem I see for this team is that we've moved beyond fans being angry at the team, and now it's devolved into people just not caring anymore. That's far worse. The brand is in big danger if this continues. The last thing that I want is for the Marlins to end up ignored like the Panthers are. Panthers? They just had a terrible season plagued with injuries, but they have a pretty decent fanbase . I'm an apathetic marlins fan now, and I hate to say it. I recognize that after the Heat win the championship, it's going to be a long summer before the Dolphins' season start
  22. I really hate to be this guy, but with rumors swirling that the Marlins are going to cut payroll for 2013 I am considering renouncing my fanhood for this team. I have been a fan all of my life, but I am losing patience with the way this organization is run. Loria is incompetent and incapable of properly running a Major League Baseball franchise. Manager after manager comes through the door, and all the while the man who is most responsible for the Marlins failures in the last 9 years gets to keep his job (Beinfest). Unbelievable. He calls Freddi Gonzalez a "colossal failure" even thoug
  23. Micheal Hill and the coaching staff should be the one's to get the boot. If you really want to get serious, fire Samson and get new ownership. There are things we can do this off-season to make us into contenders. There are a few good bats out there and a couple of top starters and relief pitchers available, but we need to be aggressive and make trades as well.
  24. Logan is a bust. He isn't worth anything so trading him is probably not a good idea. Logan never impressed me. In fact, Hermida had a better swing than LoMo and more power. It's time to cut our losses and take a page from the Dodgers playbook... Oh wait, they actually have good ownership now and we are stuck with the worst owner in professional sports and a terrible midget as President, not to mention Mike Hill and the rest of our crap coaching staff.. Of course, Beinfest is going to be the scapegoat for them...
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