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Happy friggin birthday Juanky.


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Happy Birthday and my best best wishes to my favorite person here!!!


Gotta think back to our being bored on New Year's Eve together days to now, it's been shitloads of fun and I wouldn't trade our convos in for anything. Who else can I talk to at 3 in the morning when all my friends are asleep? It's pretty awesome to see how 2 people can grow so close from a message board. I hope you have a great day today and live it up!

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happy birthday 1-key


congratulations on making it to the least significant major birthday.


you still cant drink, youll never be able to smoke weed legally, and now you can get locked up for doing tons of the things you've done in the past week.


well, at least you get to vote for dubya.


have fun!

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Happy Birthday!!!!




I hope you really lived it up doing "those things that become illegal when you turn 18" that Alkazoid was talking about this week.... :whistle :shifty


For real though dood, have a great birthday and feel free to reward yourself by posting Vida Guerrera pictures.



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