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Marlin Walk-Up Songs


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Guest Juanky

Hermida and Uggla were the only ones I could make out, and you nailed them both. At one point I heard Hammer and he had a Pearl Jam song, but the second time he came up it wasn't the same.


Hopefully the PA will be fixed by Friday and I can get all the songs.

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So that so far makes it:


Hanley Rameriz: What You Know About That (?)

Jeremy Hermida: Enter Sandman (Metallica)

Miguel Cabrera: Machete (Daddy Yankee)

Mike Jacobs: ?

Josh Willingham: ? (Pearl Jam)

Dan Uggla: Tom Sawyer (Rush)

Miguel Olivo: ?

Reggie Abercrombie: Riding Dirty (?)


I think it's pretty good that we've been able to get a great deal of the lineup so far. It's nice to have some new walk-up songs after 3 seasons of "We Ready".

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