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Marlins Top 3 Web Gems


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On the ESPN.com video preview for tonight, Tim talked about Luis Castillo and Alex Gonzalez taking grounders, then messing around afterwards ("Gonzalez could do things with a baseball I've never seen before"). Jeff Brantley discussed Juan Pierre covering ground in the "nooks and crannies" of our football stadium, Tino Martinez talked about Charles Johnson, and to wrap up they mention Pudge.



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? Florida has turned one triple play in team history -- on July 28, 2002, vs. Vladimir Guerrero and the Expos.



Can someone refresh my memory, I don't remember this at all.




Never mind, found it...

Marlins Turn First Triple Play Ever


Sun Jul 28, 3:18 PM ET


MONTREAL (AP) - The Florida Marlins turned the first triple play in team history

Sunday, when third baseman Mike Lowell caught Expos outfielder Vladimir

Guerrero's liner with two runners on the move in the third inning.


With Jose Vidro on first base after a single, and Brad Wilkerson on second

after a walk, Guerrero hit a 3-2 pitch from Julian Tavarez.


Lowell grabbed the liner for the first out, then got the second by tagging out

Wilkerson, who broke from second on the pitch.


Vidro also was running with the pitch and was standing at second base when

Tavarez motioned to Lowell to throw to first. Lowell threw over to first baseman

Derek Lee for the third out.


It was the first triple play in 1,496 games for Florida, which began play in 1993.


There have been three triple plays in the majors this season. Texas got one

against Seattle on April 14, and the New York Mets turned one May 17 in San



It was the second triple play turned against Montreal in the Expos' 34-year


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The play at the plate against the Giants should be #1. Whitmore's catch has to be top 3. #3 could be any number of plays, although Sheffield had a catch against the Indians in the 1997 WS that robbed a home run from someone. But the 1st two are locks IMO.


i was at the game for the whitmore catch and it was the most rediculous catch that ive seen until the cf for the rangers' catch earlier this year

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