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Ramp Going For 30,000!


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30,000 and only like 15 of them made sense.





This thread is beginning to sound like a roast! :lol



Its all in good fun.



Ramp's a cool dude. Ramp knows what the lineups are before Girardi knows.

continuing witht hte roast...

can you really be cool with 30,000 post on a Marlins message board.... :p jp ramp= :cool

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This dude has no life. I saw him walking with his laptop in the mall...He duct tapes the computer to his chest and just doesn't stop typing. It's fawkin sad.


yep... and 20.3 posts per day doesnt even seem like that much

you are such a looooser, you will nevar amount to no thing in ur lyfe.


except becoming a scout for a professional baseball team and having more connections than my 30 prong surge protector.

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