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Passion's Pick 'Em: Week 2


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To Make your picks simply state one team name over the other team.

Ex: USC Over Oklahoma



1 point for each game

5 points for the game of the week

10 points for all games correct


This Week's Games:


Clemson @ Boston College

Penn State @ Notre Dame

Washington @ Oklahoma

UCF @ Florida

Georgia @ South Carolina

Texas Tech @ UTEP

Oregon @ Fresno State

Iowa @ Syracuse

Arizona @ LSU


Game Of The Week (5 Point Game): Ohio State @ Texas


Picks can be posted and edited up until Friday @ 11:00 PM CST, then this thread will be locked.


Please do not have any discussion in this thread, only post your picks in the correct order in the above stated format. If you have a question, send me a PM.


Thanks and begin picking!

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