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The 2006 NLDS: New York Mets VS. Los Angeles Dodgers


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Game 1: Wednesday, October 4th | 4:09 | ESPN




Lowe (16-8) @ Hernandez (11-11)


Game 2: Thursday, October 5th | 8:19 | FOX




Maddux (15-14) @ Glavine (15-7)


Game 3: Saturday, October 7th




TBA (0-0) @ Kuo (1-5)


Game 4: Sunday, October 8th


If Necessary


Game 5: Monday, October 9th


If Necessary

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Dodgers/ Mets/ Edge

C. Martin/ Lo Duca/ Dodgers

1B. Nomar/ Delgado/ Mets

2B. Kent/ Valentin/ Dodgers

3B. Betemit/ Wright/ Mets

SS. Furcal/ Reyes/ Mets

LF. Ethier/ Floyd/ Dodgers

CF. Lofton/ Beltran/ Mets

RF. Drew/ Green/ Dodgers

SP. Lowe/ Hernandez/ Mets

SP. Kuo/ Glavine/ Mets

SP. Maddux/ Trachsel/ Dodgers

SP. Penny/ Maine/ Push

CL. Saito/ Wagner/ Mets

MR. Mets

Man. Little/ Randolph/ Mets

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Guest FishFanInPA

Rooting/happy for injuries, I expect nothing less.


You further the Philadelphia sport fan stereotype so well.



I'm laughing at the flimsiness of the Mets.....I'm laughing at the fact they already have enough injuries....but leave it to you to find a way to make me look bad so carry on.

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