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is Jason Wood try out for pitching job?


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Why couldn't Jorge Julio ever have an outing as good as Wood's though? Wood pretty much showed that's if you can throw strikes, pitching isn't that tricky.


Because with a ten run lead and a position player pitching, guys went up there thinking it could be them out there in a few years and cut him some slack, which is not to say they laid down for him but they weren't exactly digging in either. You could see it as they chatted in the on deck circle. There are certain unwritten codes in the game and you saw a good example of one last night.

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Why not put Miggy on the mound? Bet he could touch the mid 90's...

That's how Jose Canseco got hurt.


lol no one mentioned that the back up SS for the rays pitched agaisnt the marlins earlier in the year.. and i believe he gave up only one hit and got 3 outs. (i forgot his name but i know he played for the marlins organization at one point and is good friends with cabs)


It was Josh Wilson, and yeah, that was incredible. Interestingly enough, he was the 2nd position player to pitch for the Rays. The first one was Wade Boggs.

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