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Gerald Laird?

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I think there are three reasons why the Marlins should not do this.


1 - Laird stinks

2 - He is going to make $3 million next year, and we already have 19 arbitration eligible players. We can't afford the 19, let alone another. The should only make trades for players who will stick around.

3 - The Rangers have three premium catching prospects - Salty, Teagarden, M. Ramirez - who all profile better than Laird. You trade for one of them, not the soon to be overpriced garbage one.

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I think the organization made it clear before the start of the season that Rabelo was going to get the majority of the starting time. It looks like the matchups are based on the opposing pitcher rather than the team's starter on that day with Rabelo starting against RHP and Treanor getting the lefties. Fredi seems to do this with his switch-hitters making them exclusively hit from the left side and eliminating the advantage of having a switch-hitter.


If it were me, I would give the starts based on matching guys up with our starters while still giving Rabelo 3/5 of the starts. Treanor would get Hendrickson and Nolasco with the rest going to Rabelo.


It doesn't make alot of sense to go after a guy like Laird right now. Besides, for whatever reason, the organization seems happy with what they have with Rabelo and Treanor. Eventually, we're going to have to get a real starting catcher who is capable of putting up some decent offensive numbers so we can get some production out of that position. Rabelo and Treanor have combined to put up 1 HR and 6 RBI between them, the majority of that coming from Rabelo.

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meh, treanor haters bring up a new thread every year and yet he is still doin his thing and calling a good game...anyone dig up some stats on our pitchers era and etc when treanor starts? those are the stats that show how valuable treanor is


Thank you. this is exactly the way I feel about Treanor. People think that a C is a C and the only thing that matters is his defens4e and offense. But how about game calling? I love the way Treanor calls a game and I do not think we have had a blow out in ANY of Treanors games this year. That part of his game is pretty valuable if you ask me.

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