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Keep Arthur Rhodes

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We all know that the front office wants to improve on our relief pitching after seeing how we traded jake and i think it is VITAL that we keep Arthur Rhodes...the guy was super clutch...an extremely dependable lefty specialist who also did very well against righties...the only reason i see why the FO is not considering in bringing him back is because of his age...i can trust Arthur Rhodes a heck of lot more than Pinto or even "ilovewalks" Tankersley...agree?

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i actually sent frisaro a question on this



Frisaro keeps mentioning that the Marlins probably will NOT retain him...sometimes Joe seems too cynical...lol



I doubt most of what Fisaro says after purchasing and watching the 2008 MLB season preview off of itunes. He pretty much said that the Marlins would simply play the role of spoiler and that the Nationals and Marlins would fight not to be the last team in the NL East. I know thats what most were reporting at the time but him supposedly being an insider and being a reporter of the team, he should have known better.

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There is no $$$$$$ for this, and despite his awesome season, he is very old RP and they do randomly break down without any warning. This is not a smart investment for the Marlins.


They are going to have to go with Pinto and Tank to start the year. Potentially Miller if they keep Olsen and put Anibal at the 5 which is doubtful, and then the only other guy who is a lefty among the top 10 arms in AA/AAA in the farm is Thompson (which is why they are relieving him in the AFL). If the Marlins are contending in June I expect them to go out and get a lefty if Pinto and Tank are failing and Thompson isn't working out at whatever level he is on, but they don't need to spend this money right now.

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