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4/7 Post Game


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every inning from the 8th through 10th i kept getting more and more pissed off. everytime you dont score in extras you play with fire and we had several chances to win and we didnt.


eventually someone is going to hang a pitch and there you go. im really f***ing pissed off how we can come back from 4-0 and back volstad but cant win for johnson who would have gone at least 7 had hanley the genius not botched back to back plays.


*how interesting that the difference in the game is the 2 unearned runs. if the majority of losses are like our 3 so far its going to be one painful year.

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Hooray for April reactions!



these games count the same. well be regretting them later.


The loss sucked, but people are already calling for Hanley to be traded? Yeah I'm sure that would really go over well.


Hanley is valuable BECAUSE he is a shortstop. He will not be moving from his position. Deal with it.

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