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Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit a Home Run


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The woman interviewing Jeter post-game said he's the only one to do it in a game which he went 5-5 ... didn't Biggio go 5-5 too in his 3,000th hit game?



He went 5-6 in 11 innings, he started the day 0-1.Ah, OK.

I stand corrected.

damn it Admin...

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Hall of Famer?



Is this a serious question?


Yes. I always saw him as a bit overrated and don't really think he's Hall of Fame worthy. Just my opinion, though.

Same here however if you look at his numbers he's one of the best hitting middle infielders ever so without a doubt he's a hall of famer.


That is true. Position should be taken into account here, something I didn't do before.

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Christian Lopez, the 23-year-old cellphone salesman who got Jeter's 3000 ball, gave it back without asking for anything.


The Yankees ended up giving him 4 tickets in the "Legends Suite" area in the front row behind home for tomorrow's game and then 4 suite level tickets (valued at about 500 bucks a piece) for every game into the WS if the Yankees make it that far.

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Not bad.



Good for him. Although, how is he starting the ASG? looking at his stats this season, Stanton has arguably better numbers than he does. Granted they play different positions and by no means I'm trying to say that Stanton should be starting the ASG's.


Besides the fact that Jeter plays in the AL.

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