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First Thoughts on New Park?

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i've been to the park for fanfest..watched the game today....the marlins park is our dream come true..


it is a win -win for everybody..our team..the city of miami,county of dade,and marlins baseball lives in south florida forever..where it belongs...

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I like the feel of a day game thats not so bright in the stadium, not only does the stadium look cool, it feels cool just watching it on tv. The only complaint I have is the fish tanks dont seem to light up as much as I thought they would.



wait till its a night game

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Thought with the roof closed it felt a bit too dark on tv. That and still a bit too much lime green for my taste. Hopefully come Wednesday the crowd will be louder as well (sure they will be).


Other than that still a great park and obviously huge improvement over what Marlins had before.

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Why not the green or the aquarium?



It looks like a green screen, it's just distracting. Same for the aquarium, just distracting and seems unneccessary. There's nothing wrong with having attractions at the park to keep families with kids entertained. However when the actual field is so ostentatious that it distracts from the game it comes off as trying to compensate for a bad product - and I think the Marlins will be fun enough to not need that kind of thing to keep the butts in the seats.

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Lots of empty seats.







This was due to them only selling 25,000 of the 36,000 available tickets.

He was joking. lol

This is a touchy subject for Marlins fans, thats why some of us dont see it as a joke, brings back orange seat memories.


But if everyone showed up in the orange alt. jersey ...

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