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4/14 Post Game Thread

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While the game was pretty out of hand by then, Urena looked really good in his inning of work. He's got a really good presence to him on the mound.


Other than that nice to see the offense come to life, Salty still sucks, and Koehler had a pretty Koehler outing. Good work and gotta do this more often.



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Guest Vince0926

One thing though, you guys mention 2-6 in 2003 which is great and encouraging but they scored a boatload of runs their first 8 games. I believe about 47-50. What are we now? 25-27? Regardless, this does for once feel like a real win. Still quite upset about friday. And dyson and salty can go bye bye. On the other hand, stanton bravo for breaking out of it today. Keep it going.



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