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To Sign or not, Ichiro

Bret Hart

What do you think about to sign Ichiro next season?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about to sign Ichiro next season?

    • Yes, no doubt about it. He will be a good mentor for young guys. Wish Mr. 3000 as a marlin. 
    • 50-50, whatever. Fine to add ichiro but didn't care even unsigned. 
    • No, worthless. There is no room for OPS .600 below player. I don't care about 3000 hits. 

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That's all he'd be I'm sure


but then would he get enough at-bats to break the record?  because otherwise meh...


he's gotten roughly the same plate appearances as Justin Bour this season, which is too much if his hitting has dropped off this bad.


around 66 hits still needed - at the rate he's going he'll need over 300 plate appearances. I mean I love the guy but I'll pass.  It's not like people will think of Ichiro as a Marlin just because he got the final 5% or whatever of his career hits in a Miami uni.



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Whomever the new manager is will have to have Ichiro on the team whether he likes it or not.


I am 98% convinced Loria wants 3000 to happen in a Marlin uniform, no matter how long it takes (Ichiro sucking nuts down the stretch really sucks for the 2016 Marlins)


100% he wants it to happen in a Marlins uniform and is prepared to overpay to make that happen if needed



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Mariners on line 1.


Honestly I think it would be cool for him to go back and do it there.


from what i understand that ship sailed long ago.


i guess with the new management in place it could happen.  But then again the ownership remains the same, which was supposedly where the real issues were....



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