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Cosart to AAA, Prado back


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Guest Vince0926
I bet if Cosart were a camper and tried to pitch a tent, it would fly away because he'd miss his spot entirely. Since he can't be a camper and pitch a tent, he decided to try baseball. Now he can't be a pitcher so he pitches a fit instead.


I give you full blessings to enjoy yourself tomorrow if you go because NOW we might have a chance at winning.



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Kendry has been okay in New Orleans. Brice, Esch, and Jarlin in Jax. Nothing special though.


I'm not privy to changes or adjustments or anything, but Brice has always been a sleeper prospect since he was drafted and he's doing great this year. 3 zero walk games in 4 starts so far this year. He had one all of last year.


Still early and who knows what happens but he could be in the start of a break out year and holy god do we need that to happen



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And for everyone call for Morris to be sent down, he's out of options. We'd have to DFA him, where we'd probably lose him. Considering how he's done so far and the loss of velocity, that's still not a bad idea...


Is there a site to check remaining options?



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