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Straily glad he wasn’t traded and agrees with the rebuilding plan


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When your as good as Stanton and Yelich you can demand trades from shit teams. Straily has to boot lick cuz his ERA isn't low enough.


Straily could’ve easily demanded a trade like Yelich. Just about every team in baseball would take him in their rotation. He’s not exactly a scrub.


Some baseball players just realize that they’re employees who just so happen to be rich.



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Contracts are signed both ways. Marlins agreed to pay, Yelich agreed to play for the Marlins. If the Marlins elected to trade him, that's their prerogative as the employer, can't just go demanding it though. I lost all respect for Yelich.


i mean, they can go demanding it.  And it worked.  I dont blame either side.  You woudnt want to waste years of your prime on a team that has no intention of winning anytime soon.  Never gonna blame a guy for wanting to win. Team doesnt have to give in, but i have no problems with any player trying to exercise some power.  If he made a comment to the effect of "i dont care about the rebuild i already have my contract and im making money regardless and i dont care about winning" youd torch him for that too.  Especially with the bullshit theyve had to deal with since they were drafted in this organization and then the new ownership group comes in and immediately wants to rebuild.



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