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Cameron Maybin?


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No please. Bad memories.


This pretty much.  Although i think his game does translate well to Marlins park there are just better options available without the bad memories attached.  


On a side note, does anyone else remember as vividly as me that crazy run he had to end his first season in the organization when he got brought up and hit .500 in i believe 32 ab's.  That was our last ovr .500 season and that team was not nearly as good as the (i believe) 87 wins indicated we just went on a late season run. 



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Nothing would top a Willingham/Abercrombie/Hermida trio. 


Reggie freaking Abercrombie havent heard that name in years.  LAst i checked he was tearing up the mexican league.  Guy couldnt hit a curveball to save his life but when he hit those fastballs they went quite far.



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