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9/30 Post Playoff Game Thread

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2 hours ago, Photo-Realistic Billy said:

Very true, and this kind of thing should get called out more. Hoberg was outstanding, and well deserving of his postseason gig.

Yep. Truly fantastic. I watched almost every pitch, and I only counted one call that was “wrong” based on the TV strike zone overlay

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10 hours ago, Rabbethan said:

I almost cried when Corey hit that Home Run.


Now let's finish this off!

Nearly separated my shoulder punching the air after that ball got out. Mostly cause I didn't expect it to, I thought it was a double in the gap and one run in (no way Wallach was scoring there). Hooray for backspin!


4 hours ago, jeffreysfishfry said:

See those clowns celebrating with instruments after Happ hit that HR.  

Keep looking down on this team and see  what happens.

That's what they do after every homer, to be fair. It became a thing with the team. Nothing personal lol

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Quote from Alex Rodriguez:



"They have a shot. Anybody who bets against Derek Jeter is crazy," Rodriguez said Wednesday on ESPN's First Take. "Don Mattingly, one of the great Yankees. What I like about Derek Jeter is that he's thinking long term, not short term. He's building data analytics. He's building a farm system... they're young and athletic. They have two pitchers that are throwing bullet.

"I don't think Mr. Jeter gets enough credit for trading Stanton and unloading more than $300 million on Brian Cashman and the Yankees."


Nice quote but also he said we have two great pitchers... is this it??? We were just two pitchers away and maybe now we finally have them???

Where's the "just two pitchers away" conspiracy theorists now???

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