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Marlins 2020 RSN TV Ratings Are Out


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The Marlins TV numbers have come out for 2020, let’s set the table first:

We had 59 games on Fox Sports Florida, because of the 1 YouTube game.

1. We only had approx. a 17% chance of making the postseason when the season started so only a few were tuned in at the beginning.

2. Many of our games were part of 7 inning doubleheaders which caps total viewership to a more finite period (2.5 hours instead of 3 hours) and moves some games to during the 9-5 workday.

3. Marlins games had to compete with Miami Heat games 12 TIMES in the 59 game RSN season, many of which were playoff games!!! I’m excluding conflicts that are only 1/2 hour or less.


Our TV ratings Year over Year are: Up 2%

From 20,661 to 21,082.(Dade, Broward & The Keys Only)

We need to be able to compete for free agents in this new decade, if FS Florida is discouraged by the smaller increase in an uphill year for sports viewing, the Marlins should focus their media strategy on Streaming Services such as ESPN+, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube as well as TV stations (WSVN 7 (very high ratings), CBS4 (Has Inter Miami Rights) etc.

I’d rather pay $4.99 per month and have a $130 Million Payroll vs. a $70 Million Payroll included with cable.


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1 minute ago, Entendu said:

What are the realistic options for next season? I don't see how they don't renew with Sinclair

Some people have said YouTube should bid, but nobody knows if that is realistic. Amazon made at run at some of the RSNs when they were for sale, so they could also get involved. 

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Interesting that our viewership was so low - I always thought it was higher.


I think only having a small increase this season has to do with a few factors:

1) MLB and the MLBPA being morons and not hammering out a deal earlier where they could've been the ONLY major sport back to playing and have had sole possession of "sports eyeballs" at a time where folks were clamoring for any sort of live sports/entertainment/something to occupy themselves.

2) by extension to that point - competing for viewership with the Heat, and a successful Heat with a playoff push - this alone I think is a huge factor, as the Heat, with their history of success, and success this season/making it to the Finals, will naturally pull potential eyeballs from the Marlins with their seasons and the Heat's playoff push occurring simultaneously.

3) this one's beaten to death, but a jaded fanbase that's just plain not paying attention because of recent performance (lack thereof), and past ownership antics, which builds into my next points....

4a) lack of coverage by local sports reports - I don't really watch local news coverage, so I'm going based upon what others here have said of local sports coverage, or lack thereof - I remember some saying that they weren't covering the Marlins at all, even though they were in the midst of playoff contention, and playing critical games to get into the postseason.  With the general public knowing the history of the franchise, and lack of recent success, chances are the average fan isn't going to tune in on their own, local TV news/sports should cover it and clue people in that "hey, the team is doing well, tune in!"

4b) lack of sports bar viewing - I haven't been to too many sports bars lately, but have been to a few, and other places with some TVs.  The biggest offender was Flanigan's in early September, with the team in playoff contention had a grand total of 0 TVs in the entire place on the Marlins game - had to request them put one on it.  Some other places I went that weren't really "sports bars" but had TVs didn't have Marlins games on either, but with the Heat playing playoff games since August, I do understand with limited TVs, them showing the other local team playing playoff games over the Marlins regular games.  But still, when sports bars in your market aren't showing a team in contention on TVs, that's also a problem, and I guess one that only gets fixed with longer term success by the team/folks wanting to watch the games?

4) as someone mentioned, ratings can/will trail success, so I hope 1) the team can at least sustain this year's success, and push further forward, and 2) people start paying attention.

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