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8 hours ago, jeffreysfishfry said:

I’m going to pay close attention to Sixtos weight coming into camp.   I actually want him to slim down a bit. 

There will be no fat shaming on this blog.

15 second ban.

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7 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:

They sent Sixto to another planet? That's some extreme quarantine measures right there.

He's our top prospect, man, gotta protect him!

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3 hours ago, SonOfJack said:

If I'm Kim, I am insulted with the offer. Basically the Cubs thought she would be swindled easily. Rude.

They probably "mansplained" to her the details of the proposal...

"So this is called a trade proposal... we would like these players to come to our team and if you agree to this we will send you Contreras so that he can be on your Marlins team, got it?" 

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18 hours ago, Michael said:

Yes yes and yes. I said it many times, if Elieser gets that change-up to be at least decent, he adds another inning to his outings.

I feel like I have been one of the more vocal advocates of having a short leash on Elieser. But this changeup could really be a game changer. Great news.

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26 minutes ago, el_gmac said:

I know Michael Hill was an inept but would he have done that deal tho ?

No, probably not. Remember Hill wasn't making decisions on his own at any point in his tenure here. Which is ... kind of unfortunate.

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