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Joe Frisaro's new blog, Man on Second Baseball

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I get wanting to continue some work after retirement but if you go back to doing the same thing your retired from that's not retirement. Basically he just stopped working for MLB.com. Kinda weird. Reminds me of about ten years ago when we had a retirement party for a coworker... I still see her everyday at my job haha, she never really left.

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37 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

A bunch of MLB beat writers "retired" this off-season, seems like MLB wanted to go younger in a lot of markets.

aka a bunch were 'fired' or in this case offered nice retirement packages to go away.

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45 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:


Yea retired my ass here's Scoop's notes from the first days of camp, just like an MLB.com article, I'd be a little upset if I'm De Nicola, let her do her thing without this creep stealing her thunder. This is her job now, not his.

Eh, I think Frisaro is a douche in general, but it’s a free country. He’s writing it on his blog, it’s not like he’s selling it to MLB.com as a freelancer. That would be stealing her thunder for real 

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Also, did anyone notice the picture in Frisaro’s tweet showing the difference in where Lewin is starting his hands? I know he did it in winter league but I wasn’t sure if that was just him trying something or if he’d apply it in the big leagues. I’m expecting good things from him!

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