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Favorite type of pie


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Favorite pie of all time was this apple pie my mother used to make before dementia got her. Apples cut almost paper thin and piled super high. Perfect crust every time. Man. Outside of unattainable pies - I do love a  good strawberry-rhubarb, lemon meringue, pumpkin or key lime. NOT a fan of peach pies or any cream pies(the straight-to-video kind are ok though)


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42 minutes ago, SilverBullet said:

I like you and I like pie but this is weird. Did you stick candles in it? Did you have someone write Happy Birthday Hovertical on it in icing? 

Yep, had candles in it. I'm not a fan of icing so no on that. Just don't like the spongy texture of cake. Flavor just is pretty bland overall too - it's just sweet. Meh.

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11 minutes ago, AeroFishOne said:

I’m surprised this thread hasn’t gotten dirty.

I like me a good Pecan Pie because I’m from Nc but also really enjoy a coconut creme pie. Key Lime is a good choice. My wife’s grandmother makes a killer peanut butter pie but it will put you to sleep for a month

Pecan Pie be slammin' too. Damn, southern boy in me feels bad for not putting it up there. 

Now, do y'all say pee-kahn or pee-can?

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