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  1. Usually they will do a few games with it open as it cools down a bit this month. But from May-Aug you can almost certainly bet on the roof being closed (and it should be). Cools down this month? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  2. They need to walk Wright Ok or strike him out.
  3. Casey McGehee: sucking the fun out of everything one GIDP at a time.
  4. Nice work, Hech. How does Hunter Pence`s awkward ass have 10 triples too?
  5. Thanks,Bret. So we won't hit double digits out of 81 games. That's pretty sad. Almost (or does) make it not worth having a retractable roof. I wonder how much more the retractable aspect of Marlins Park cost? $30-$40 million?
  6. We can so win this game. Just keep Dyson in the bullpen and we got this.
  7. Stanton isn't a $100 million dollar player. He's a $150 million dollar player. Right, Vince?
  8. Man there's a lot of ads for dating sites on here, google thinks we're all lonely Met my girlfriend (been dating for over a year) on a dating site. True story. Had to sift through a lot of undesirables before I met her, though.
  9. This has been a ridiculous season weather wise. Rainforest like. I can't wait to move to California (anywhere but South Florida) when the time is right. Has the roof been open more than 5 times all season?
  10. GOOD THING WE PUT OURSELVES IN A 4-0 hole to start the game
  11. lol you stupid ass front office I mean, how totally mind boggling is it that this organization is giving a September start to a washed up whale? This can't be real.
  12. We will score more than 2 runs this game. Question is, will Penny give up 6 runs in 5IP?
  13. Duda can't believe he couldn't CRUSH a ball into the Home Run Porch off of Penny.
  14. It has been apparent for a year and a half. I think essentially everyone here is well aware of that.
  15. Unreal no Deitrich. This fucking mickey mouse organization.
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