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Fish of the Week (April 5 - April 10)


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Stats for the week


Encarnacion - .304 AVG 2 HR 8 RBI .407 OBP 23 AB

Delgado - .348 AVG 1 HR 4 RBI .464 OBP 23 AB

Gonzalez - .348 AVG 1 HR 3 RBI .375 OBP 23 AB

LoDuca - .391 AVG 0 HR 2 RBI .417 OBP 23 AB

Beckett - 2 W 0 L 0.00 ERA 17 K 4 BB .137 BAA 1 CG 15 IP

Willis - 1 W 0 L 0.00 ERA 3 K 1 BB .179 BAA 1 CG 9 IP and at the dish - .500 AVG 2 RBI


If you select Other, please reply with your selection.

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Tough call between Encarnacion, Beckett, and Willis.




I have to go with Carny. Two Grand Slams in one week, come on! How often does that happen?

Plus, he's been solid all around so far... definitely exceeding all of my expectations.

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He needed to be the stopper today, and he was.


He needed to step up on opening-day, he did. He gets my vote, although Juan did have a good week, but Beckett's pitching this week is (at least in my book) equivalent to a batter hitting .600. I mean, goose-eggs in two consecutive starts, and under the circumstances of each start, it's so much more valuable.

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