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Will there be an above average crowd tomorrow?

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Or will it be same old same old 15-20k? I'd like to see 30k and upwards at Marlins games. I guess it has gotten better every year so I shouldn't be complaining. If I lived in South Florida I would definitely have season tickets.

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im guessing it will be bigger. Thre has been plenty of advertizing for it, with the fireworks, and floppy hats and all..


floppy hat night is always a big draw and so are fireworks...


last year i think they had a real good crowd too.. it was on a saturday, july 3rd and they had 30,000 against tampa bay...we'll see...

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I'll be there


NO ONE CARES!!!! :mad :mad :mad :mad


Probably a decent crowd tonight but it's always tough to draw on a big holiday like this, which is why teams usually schedule big promotions on the 3rd and 5th.

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It might be a decent sized crowd. Probably would be even larger if we were playing a team like the Cubs today instead of this weekend. I hope there is no rain delay this weekend so we can get crowds of 45,000+ during the weekend like we were supposed to get last year. :(

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