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Cubs fans are the best

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I believe Derek Lee said so the other day on Marlins on Deck, and here is an example of how great and classy they are in Chicago. Best fans? :plain




BTW, it took a while, but a lot of those Cub fans in that section were eventually thrown out of the stadium. :thumbup



:lol :lol :lol

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Funny part is that the real Cubs fans in Chicago are soooooooooooooo not like the ones that were at the game.......



You're completely right. The only Cubs fan I know, who does live in South Florida but is from Chicago and was a real fan in Chicago, is not like that at all. Watching it was sickening, and while I know the Marlins fan base could be improved, but don't act like this is only here. Hell, I watched a Cubs vs. Yankees game at Yankee Stadium this year and they were all going "LET'S GO CUBBIES!" at a place that supposedly is so for the home team. If someone dared try and throw stuff at me when I'm cheering for the home team, I think I may just lose it. Classless, these are even worse than the Braves ones...




Nah no one is worse than Braves fans

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Guest Juanky

Apparently, the Marlins fans in the background think its funny...theyre all smiling and laughing....

So they have magical eyes and can see text facing the other way now?


Sign these kids up

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