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If You Were A MLB Closer


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Guest markotsay7

I believe this thread was once done a long time ago but it's a great idea.


Unforgiven - Metallica

Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas

I Want It All - Queen

Take On Me - Ah Ha (I don't know why)

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Guest marlins02

yeah i remember this thread as well but ah well.


*bullpen door opens and i walk out*


beat comes on: "I gave you fair warning, beware...beware...beware... [2x]

[Mobb Deep sample]


Yo...what you thought punk, s*** was sweet, now you can't sleep

Gotta keep ya eyes open wide and hide ya face from the streets

I'm like the beast with a warrant, far from alarmin'

Gave you fair warnin' now you on the stairs swallin'

I'm callin' out any rapper that I doubt, smack 'em in the mouth

Throw 'em in the yoke, BOOM!, then I knock 'em out

No doubt, Freddie Foxxx files 20-shot auto glock, BLAAOW!

Benny blind Puerto Rock style

Wit' a twist of black in the brow, twist ya cap and I'm out

Sleep wit' the fish-dips for yappin' too loud

What's happenin' now? Niggaz is hard as hell but they Gargamels

Pickin' on the smallest victim gives 'em heart to kill

My squad is real and holds it down the hardest regardless

Besides of the largest, we polish the floor

with the rawest hardcore artists

Flawless victory you niggaz can't do s*** to me

Physically lyrically hypothetically realistically

I'm the epitome of catchin' wreck, catch you when you cash your check

Smash you when you pass then jack you for your f***in' Lex

Nothin' less than the best if the squad did it

Hard-headed niggaz better beware and fear like God said it


[CHORUS (4x)]


Ay-yo I warned you, now all niggaz could do is mourn you

I'm born to kill and still thrilled, I put it on you

There's no regrets, remorse, only results and loneliness

Only the strong survivors strive through life as warriors

All of us die, some of us kill, even massacred

Who wanna try? Punisher will if you ask for it

I'm hazardous for your health and hell's your next stop

For real my s***'s cocked the world has just stopped...


I'm not the one you should be underestimatin'

Come test your fate an' I guarantee I'll be under investigation

You can't handle the whole, I'll slam you on your skull

Or we can go blow for blow like Evander and Bowe, ya never know

However tho' I still hold the title

When all my rivals the chance to dance who missed the homicidal

Hand on the bible I swear to defend my crown

I've been around since forever and never let it touch the ground

Don't f*** around and catch a rude awakenin'

My crew's basically waitin' patiently for you to move your patrons in

Then we'll surround you, form Desert Storm and pound you

Look around you, Terror Squad's everywhere like Soundview

The Boogie Down do it like nobody, who are we?

The foundation, you're facin' a whole army..."


i think that would work pretty well.

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Guest Fritz

Any one of the following:


Neva Eva - Trillville

Flight of the Valkyries w/ "I love the smell of napalm in the morning, smells...like victory" from Apocalypse Now!

Still Tippin - Mike Jwnz

Requiem For a Dream - Clint Mansell

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