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Vokoun to Panthers!


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George Richards from the Herald says it is next year's first round pick.


The Panthers have apparently swung a deal to grab Nashville All-Star Tomas Vokoun.Still wading through the rumors, but this can't be anything but good for the Panthers. The big price was next year's first round pick, but whatever.You lose Roberto, you gain Vokoun. Not too shabby.Sure, the price was steep, but it was the right move to make. You have to think JM did quite a nice job with this one. He didn't panic, stayed cool throughout the deal -- and didn't get desperate and go to Minnesota for Manny Fernandez. As always, post your comments below. As bad as last year's draft was for the Panthers, this one suddenly just perked up.



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What a difference a year makes.


At last year's draft, the Florida Panthers traded away a franchise goalie in Roberto Luongo. On Friday afternoon, hours before the 2007 draft kicked off, the Panthers have apparently traded for another.


The Panthers have reportedly pulled off a blockbuster deal, trading three draft picks to the salary-shedding Nashville Predators for goalie Tomas Vokoun.


Florida surrendered next year's first-round pick and two second-round selections for Vokoun. Florida acquired one of those second-rounders in a trade with Tampa Bay for Chris Gratton last week.


Vokoun, 30, missed the 2005-06 playoffs because of a blood disorder, a condition that forced him to miss part of this past season as well. Vokoun came on strong, however, and went 27-12 with a GAA of 2.40 and a save percentage of .920.


In his eight-year NHL career, Vokoun has appeared in 384 games and is 161-159-35. He has a career GAA of 2.55 and a .913 save percentage.


The Panthers would not comment on the trade. Vokoun turns 31 on July 2.




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what did we give up?

Next years 1st rounder and a 2nd this year.thats not much at all. We should still have another #2 from the bertuzzi trade.Don't even have to give up a core piece to get a top 10 goalie. What a great trade. I fully expect us to make the playoffs next year.

we still need to sign two mid level free agents.

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I was just about to post this :D


Very nice, with Eddy heading towards the free-agent market, and with Auld being his inconsistent self, this fills a great need, I'm lovin' this trade :D

Anderson as a backup is fine with me.

I still think we re-sign Eddie and Anderson. Especially since Vokoun was injured last year. And Anderson is the backup plan.



As long as Auld is gone. I have never, ever seen someone look so stiff in the net and unable to cover any real angles.


Even Wade Flaherety is better.

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