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Reggie down, Jacobs up


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I think Jacobs would be better batting fifth.


Here's my lineup:

Amezaga- CF

Uggla- 2B

Ramirez- SS

Cabrera- 3B

Jacobs- 1B

Willingham- LF

Hermida- RF

Olivo- C

Johnson- P



I like Amezaga in the leadoff spot and Jacobs should not be batting third. Ramirez should.


I'd keep him sixth. Willy picks up a lot of RBI's batting behind Cabrera and I think Jacobs needs to ease his way back in.

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Or is that asking way too much?

I like Hanley in the 3 hole alot personally



Atleast it has the potential of Carroll taking over the CF job. Fredo has struggled badly in the 8 hole this year, and I doubt Freddi looked at Carroll as a possibillity of leading off...so with Hanley batting third, Fredo would start so we'd have a lead off man. Now with Hanley leading off, hopefully it opens the doors for Carroll to start.


Or I could just be having wishful thinking.

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Jacobs performed well in a couple stints in the three hole in front of Cabrera (who wouldn't?) and although I'm sure he's as ready as he can be or the Fish wouldn't be starting him tonight, he most probably still needs to shake off the cobwebs and get used to ML pitching again. What better spot in the lineup to do than in front of Miggy.


They can adjust the lineup later when he's more comfortable but right now Jacobs batting third wouldn't be the wrong thing to do.

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I like Almezaga leading off. He is hot right now and I would not change that for the time being.

We need to ease Jacobs back to the mayors, but not in the 3 hole. He will hurt the team too much batting third while he works off his rust.. He will see decent enough pitches bating 5th or 6th.

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I saw Reggie leaving after the game. He didn't even wave to the fans screaming his name, like he usually does. :confused


:lol Not sure why hes mad, hes plays himself out of the MLB everytime he gets an oppertunity... This latest demotion is only what he deserved... I mean imagine him on another team, he wouldnt even get a chance!

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