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Post Game 9/7/08

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I find it amazing that people still sweat over this team...


Watch them every day like I do, but dont be surprised when they consistently make the same mistakes... get used to YOUR team, I sure have...


And again, we blame Fredi? He was great today, there was that one middle inning sequence where they showed and spoke of him making all the right moves...when he moved the infield in on 0-2 with Wainwright at the plate...well done, simple things like that...how come we never praise those little moves? And Arthur Rhodes wasnt a bad move, it just had a bad result...


Its the same old stuff folks...if you are really a fan of baseball, youll keep watching...but dont cry over milk that you knew was going to spill...

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again, this season ended when Gregg blew the save against the Braves and we lost 10-9.



It's a shame you have no idea of the team concept. Stop pointing fingers and look at what the entire squad is doing. Or isn't doing.


This team has 71 losses so far on the season and 72 wins. Gregg has only appeared in 63 of those games. Not all in save situations or game winning opportunities. And had 29 saves and 6 wins, with 8 losses and 9 blown saves. The last week alone one loss was because of bad defense by Baker and one blown save because of bad defense by Hanley and Uggla.


Errors. RISP left on base. K's. Even someone throwing a tantrum can't blame those things on Gregg.

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No he dosen't. He was just being used in the wrong role simply because we had no one ready to fill that role yet. And seeing that from the start of ST, this season wasn't really about winning the division and more about getting all the players some much needed experience and to see where things needed to be tweaked for next year, it made no financial sense to bring in a high paid stopper for one year. I know everybody wants things NOW. But this team just wasn't ready, and still isn't, for a legitimate play off run. It was obvious in ST, it was obvious when we were winning, and it is magnified now that we are being knocked out of the race.

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