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Brett Carroll signed by Royals


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Carroll played parts of four years for the Marlins appearing in 173 games in which he was 58 of 283 (.205 avg, .609 OPS) with 46 runs scored, 5 homers, 28 RBIs and 2 stolen bases. Who could possibly think this guy could hit major league pitching? For one, I'm glad he's gone. Maybe he should follow Brian Anderson's career path (an great defensive player who couldn't hit a lick) and become a pitcher. The Royals have a history with this as they converted Tony Pena and Brian Anderson.

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If BC doesn't make the big league team, he'll get to play for the newly named "Omaha Storm Chasers".




Better than the Golden Spikes, at least (Anybody outside of North Platte, Nebraska or train afficionados even know what a Golden Spike is?). But does this mean they're going after our local USHL hockey team, the Tri-City Storm? If so, I think they've got the wrong priorities.....

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Now no more adventures of B.C. and C.C. and no more great christian rock music!


They need to reamp the Adventures of Logan (Morrison) and J.J.!!!!!



Where's Logan Kensing these days actually?


Delivering my mail


McPherson was delivering mine. But he just signed a minor league deal with the White Sox. I get to save on that Christmas gift.


Loved BC's defense. Still the most impressive throw I ever saw was one he made in ST vs the Tigers one year. He should make a pretty good defensive replacement and emergency starter for some team. Good luck to him.

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