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Can Hanley really become a clubhouse leader next season?

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Florida Marlins say it’s time for Hanley Ramirez to be a clubhouse leader


by Joe Capozzi Manager Edwin Rodriguez just spoke with reporters and said he expects All Star shortstop Hanley Ramirez to blossom into a clubhouse leader in 2011.


“We’re going to need his leadership, along with (catcher) John Buck, because we have a very young team. I think Hanley Ramirez is going back to the 2009 form,� Edwin said.


What kind of leadership qualities would the Marlins like to see from Hanley?


“I want him to show a lot of energy on an everyday basis, making routine plays and being a little more vocal with the young players in a positive way,� Edwin said.


“Those are the things I expect from him and obviously the performance on the field. I think he is capable of doing all of that and he wants to do all of those things.�


Ramirez wasn’t universally liked by his teammates last year. But Rodriguez said he thinks Ramirez will be more vocal this year.


“He has that knowledge. He is not only a smart baseball player He’s also smart overall on and off the field. If he wants to he can take that team and that leadership role and he can do a very good job.�


Edwin said he spoke to both former Malrins skipper Fredi Gonzalez and Ramirez about the spat the two men had in May. Edwin thinks it was an isolated incident.


“That happens when you spend so much time with a group of guys,� Edwin said.


Hanley didn’t always get along with Dan Uggla, either. With Uggla gone, maybe Hanley can blossom into a clubhouse leader?


“I don’t think that’s gonna play in, because of the fact that Danny’s no there. I think it’s because (Hanley) has more experience. He is maturing as a player and as a person.


“This whole situation about taking a leader role on the team is a process. I think he is very close to being that guy. It’s time for him. The whole organization has been expecting that from him for many years so it’s time for him to step up.�


If the season started tomorrow, this would be the Marlins’ lineup


CF Chris Coghlan

2B Omar Infante

SS Hanley Ramirez

RF Mike Stanton

LF Logan Morrison

1B Gaby Sanchez

C John Buck

3B Matt Dominguez

RHP Josh Johnson


The starting rotation:

Josh Johnson, Ricky Nolasco, Javier Vazquez, Anibal Sanchez, Chris Volstad



Hanley is definitely an offensive leader on this team but his on the field and off the field antics have soured many on his presence in the clubhouse. Wiill he he turn it around?

BTW That lineup and rotation looks pretty good. Hopefully a LHP can be acquired and Dominguez is not overwhelmed at the plate as a rookie

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Capable? Definitely yes. Will he? I wouldn't bet everything i had on it. But I sure hope it happens.


My guess is, with Uggla gone, Hanley just realizes that he is the absolute star offensive player and leader with no second guessing from a guy like Uggla, and thus Hanley just slides right into the leader role by default. Wes can be the old wiseman leader, JJ is the ace on the mound leader, Javy is the grizzled veteran leader by example, all while Hanley is the superstar leader with his on-field performance even if he isn't so outspoken.

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I don't care. Nor do I think there is some need for him to be the "clubhouse leader."


This silliness has been around since 2009 (when he was literally the youngest player on our offense). Being really good at baseball should not make it so that people expect you to take some kind of parenthood role in the clubhouse. He's no longer the youngest player in our lineup (though still not the oldest, younger than Gaby, Infante, and Buck) but it's still silly, no matter what his age, to think he needs to be a "leader in the clubhouse."

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