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6/14 Postgame


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this real bad news bear i do see big change coming soon i dont know we stay with pitching staff we have jj and Anibal Sanchez are only good pitcher that are good jj hurt so only leave us one good starter their hurting bullpen by been use to many inning hitting not good with this kind pitching this not good i hope see Javier Vazquez to one that their cut when their do on wed when roster need to cut because we bring pitcher from farm team for 1pm game

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it starting to become were watching marlins becoming hard that sad to say about our home team this not i bet good for marketing department trying sell ticket to game rest of season plus next season at new home who want watch team get beating badly like their say tv other day we losing by one but now it by more

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When do we become sellers?


At this point, by the All-Star Break. Not that I have any idea who we could really trade.



Leo Nunez and Edward Mujica come to mind.


I would actually think of trading Coghlan too. Throw him out there and see what teams offer for him. I realize we don't really have many center field options, but at least see what teams would offer for him. I don't think he's a part of this team's future for very long.

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Becoming sellers when the team is less thana YEAR from a new ball park is terrible BUT...it depends who you sell and for what...


Leo Nunez can be traded. Makes a lot and if the team can't snap out of it's funk and win soon, don't need his services.


Gaby Sanchez. Hear me out. LoMo can play 1st...and if the Marlins can get the lottery for Gaby, do it, and I mean it. Lottery means a good MLB starting pitcher. However, I would wait until after the season on a Gaby move. Seriously.


Cogs sucks...trade him for what you can get.




Volstad is gone after this season if things don't change....

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