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Giants trade Torres+Ramirez for Angel Pagan.


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The Giants and Mets have agreed on a deal that will send Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez to New York and Angel Pagan to San Francisco, tweets Joel Sherman of the New York Post. The deal is pending physicals, Sherman reports (via Twitter).



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Nobody in such a short time has meant as much to the franchise as Andres...this article pretty much sums up my feelings about Andres...on top of that, he was the biggest class act... I'd be waiting around for autographs after the game, and while most of the guys would just blow us off not giving us the time of day, he would pull over just to chat with us, even if nobody had anything for him to sign...that being said, I'm okay with this trade... he was completely deadweight at the plate last year and I feel that what we saw was the real Torres....I've come to terms with the fact that the Giants aren't going to make any significant moves to improve the team, and I'll take any slight upgrade we can get to our offense considering how horrible it was last year, and Pagan is definitely a upgrade offensively and ok for a fourth outfielder...If we had a better offense, Torres would be perfectly fine for a defensive replacement, but with an offense like this he's useless...As for Ramirez, yeah he pitched well for us, but considering we have five better relievers (Wilson, Romo, Affeldt, Lopez, Casilla), it's not going to hurt us much, if at all...I feel like we could've gotten a little more for Ramirez, especially from a team like the Mets who had such a sh*tty bullpen last year, but whatever..

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