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Jacob Turner Thread


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Nolasco's best statistical season = a 1.78 BB/9, 91.2 average FB velocity.

This year, 2.21 BB/9, 90 average FB velocity.


I don't think this is a case of sacrificing velocity for more control, considering Nolasco's strength has always been control.

If anything, he might've become more of a pitch to contact guy because he wasn't putting up good ERA's. His velocity drop mainly began last year and it resulted in more GB's/less HR's. So maybe there's that, but it wasn't for more control.


Nolasco never has put up good results, ERA-wise, with the exception of the 2008 season.

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Trader Jack used to say that when it comes in at 98, it goes out at 108. There is something to be said for taking some off your FB, especially if you get better movement on it or better control on it at a little slower speed. Also mixing up the speed of your fastball (or any pitch) will have the hitters confused more. Basically it's called pitching, not just throwing. That said, mixing up the speed of your FB instead of just hurling it as hard as you can every time, will bring the average of it down some. IOW, silly stat.

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I'm with you, Sir Bob, on changing of speeds on the fastball. Bust em hard in and go a little softer away [even just a difference of 3-4 mph] could be a big thing for a lot of pitchers, and something that they don't use.

Same with breaking pitches, too. A lot to be said about speed mixes.

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