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4/3/13 - Miami Marlins @ Washington Nationals - 7:05 PM


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Kevin Slowey ® vs Gio Gonzalez (L)


Will update later when lineups come out. Hopefully. Because I am indeed headed to this game tomorrow!


Here's hoping for a little more success than Opening Day.


Marlins Nationals

LF Pierre CF Denard Span

2B Solano RF Jayson Werth

RF Stanton LF Bryce Harper

3B Polanco 3B Ryan Zimmerman

CF Ruggiano 1B Adam LaRoche

C Olivo SS Ian Desmond

1B Kotchman 2B Danny Espinosa

SS Hechavarria C Kurt Suzuki

RHP Slowey LHP Gio Gonzalez

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so, what should we expect from slowey this year, if he is healthy, could he shut them out?


probably a perfect game with 19 ks

I think that is highly unlikely. I think one of those fly balls will fall for a hit. so I'm thinking it will just be a complete game shutout.

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Only once in a generation does a team come together so well that they become pure sports perfection. Who needs Jose Reyes, Bonifacio, Buehrle, JJ, or any other of those deadbeats when we have awesome world renown players like Olivo, Polanco, and Kotchman. Loria did say the trade would make us winners, and boy was he right. I'm sure we must be the envy of the whole MLB...and for that matter the whole sports industry.


Now excuse me while I go take some more of those pills I found in a mystery bottle underneath the seat of my friend's 1964 VW Bus. For some reason they make me feel particularly happy and optimistic...

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