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2013 Marlins Draft Pick Signings


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Worth noting


• Marlins No. 1 pick Colin Moran is playing for the University of North Carolina in the College World Series on Sunday. The 21-year-old third baseman was the sixth overall pick in the First-Year Player Draft. The Marlins will wait until Moran is finished playing in the CWS before engaging in serious contract discussions.

• Miami has reached agreement with its compensatory second-round pick, reliever Colby Suggs. The right-hander from the University of Arkansas agreed to a $600,000 bonus, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America.

The Marlins also reached a deal with K.J. Woods, their fourth-round pick. Woods, a high school outfielder from South Carolina, signed for $459,200.

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I'll start at the top and work down, most have already been covered, if they've been assigned a team I added that too Bat=Batavia, GCL=Marlins Gulf Coast League team, Changes will be noted in bold

#2 Trevor Williams-P-GCL-moved to Bat

#2 Sup-Colby Suggs-P-GCL-moved to Bat

#4KJ Woods-OF-GCL

#5 Chad Wallach-C-Bat

#6 Ryan Apper-OF-Bat

#7 Justin Bohn-SS-Bat

#8 Iramis Olivencia-2B-GCL

# 9 Aaron Blanton-SS-GCL

# 10 Carlos Lopez-1B-Bat

#11 Coco Johnson-OF-

# 12 CJ Robinson-P-Bat

# 13 JT Riddle-2B-Bat

# 14 Scott Carcaise-1B-Bat

#15 Miles Williams-OF-GCL

#16 Tyler Kinley-P-GCL

# 18 Max Garner-P-Bat

#19 Will White-P-GCL

#20 Juan Avila-3B-GCL

#21 Sam Alvis-P-GCL

#24-Cody Harris-P-GCL

#25 Shawn Townsley-P-GCL

#26 Adam Westmoreland-P-GCL

#28 Joel Efferetz-P-GCL

#32 Cody Crabaugh-P-GCL

#34 Edward Cruz-P-GCL

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It could also give them some extra money to sign some of their lower picks they took a flier on like #35-Cole Stapler, #36-Chandler Eden or #39-Daulton Jefferies, that were highly rated before the draft. They could have spent up to $2 mil on Krook, so is there no compensation for failure to sign him?

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Or he wants to go to college, I can respect that.


Seriously, Moran news.



There's reports that he really wanted to go to Oregon, and was supposed to be a late first round pick (Giants really liked him) but he fell because of signability issues.


I swear I saw an article where Krook's agent, Matt Sosnick, said that signability wouldn't be an issue though recently and that Krook was ready to start his pro career.


Really shows just how much of a waste that Gaby Sanchez trade really was. We've had a lot of wasteful trades recently.

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