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Marlins odd ticket offer

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Yes the ticket offer is ridiculous but I think its way too late to still be writing these ridiculous articles bashing the franchise. What happened, happened. The positive signs of a future have already showed signs of blossoming. I wish the media would move on already.



The future of the franchise has no bearing on how ridiculous all this is

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Realistically, has anyone gone to a Nats game or Gio Gonzalez start.


It's like a political rally along the first base line with him kissing baby's and posing for pictures for an hour, and then during his starts everyone in any part of the stadium can tell you the one they sat next to Gio at the Pizza Hut on NW 36 street or shared a bus with him in Elementary school.


He probably got tired of all the ticket requests and asked the Marlins to lend a hand in getting some of these people to buy a seat instead asking for one for free.

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We should have traded for him. Then those people would be cheering for us :(



You'll be surprised how many are in Florida Marlins gear. I almost think Gio is severely disappointed he wasn't in Miami last year. The way he would act towards everyone you can almost tell he still roots for the Marlins. No ribbing on the gear, and I THINK- THINK.... he wore an Orange Marlins Fitted for a few pictures with a few of his family members or fans.

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