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Winter Meetings 2014


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Maybe it's the marlins fan cheapness of not wanting to pay guys a lot of money in me, but so many of the free agent pitcher deals are so overvalued vs what they bring compared to what a minimum guy can bring.


I think in this age of baseball paying so much for #3 pitchers is stupid. Im a huge proponent of paying for hitters and developing pitchers when it comes to free agents. That could also just be the marlins excess of pitching in me talking as well.


Jason Hammel is a good pitcher but he is not worth 10 million. Once again it could be the marlins in me talking from a 60 million payroll standpoint.



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I feel like the Marlins are going to end up regretting not getting moss. Interested to see what they gave up. Could be a huge value for the indians if they got him cheaper because of his hip problems in the second half.


Edit- All they gave up was Joe Wendle. Looking at the profile of him we wouldn't have had to give up much unless Beane really wanted him for some reason.



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