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In a Horrible Season, Guess Who the Five Most Horrible Marlins Have Been!

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Donovan Solano (-0.8 fWAR/-0.4 bWAR)


Michael Morse (-0.8 fWAR/-0.6 bWAR)


Jeff Mathis (-0.6 fWAR/-0.8 bWAR)


Jhonatan Solano (-0.4 fWAR/-0.4 bWAR) *despite only SEVEN games played!!


Casey McGehee (-0.3 fWAR/-0.2 bWAR)


Before anyone comes in with "they are part time players" that makes it WORSE. WAR is basically a counting stat, so the fact that they are this bad is even more impressive given their limited opportunities.


If the Marlins expect to contend next season, Telis (or literally anyone not named Mathis or Solano) needs to back up Realmuto, McGehee has to play in the KBO or something, and every Solano needs to be out of the organization. 40-man, 25-man, or otherwise, they seem to always find their way into a Marlins uniform. Let them play independent league ball or wallow away in some other organization's minor league system.


As far as the worst pitchers:


Jarred Cosart (-0.3 fWAR)


Chris Narveson (-0.3 fWAR)


Andre Rienzo (-0.1 fWAR)


They are the only guys below 0.



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Guest Vince0926
totally shocked that one of Vince's favorite players is on the Worst Marlins list (McGehee)


and don't you dare deny it


i know. Im sad to hear the news too. Oh well, numbers dont lie my friend.



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Guest Vince0926

Miguel rojas wrote this. "You gotta love the up and downs, the goods and bad days, but specially you got love the grind !!!… "


i bet he has a good WAR



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