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Nintendo Switch


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Looks interesting but the list of games is underwhelming. I'm ready for a Realistic Zelda, a new pilot wings, and a new rogue squadron.


I think Nintendo really needs to go for nostalgia and offer the older games like they have been doing. They also have to really go for the mature audience as well. They can't afford to cater to one audience. I feel this is there last big shot in the console market. If they bomb this console, they should really think about becoming software only.



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Nintendo hasn't made a relevant console since the N64, for enteraintment purposes I think a ps4 is money better spent. Nostalgia is the only thing keeping Nintendo alive. Everyone wants a relevant Nintendo console and a return to its glory days, its just not coming back. Developers would rather sell on the much more profitable XBOX and PS platforms because they'll reach a wider audience and can be ported easily. THe days of first person shooter and RPG's being introduced soley on the nintendo are long gone. If your going to invest so much into a game, you want to maximize its audience.



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I'm out of the loop. Has Nintendo even been relevant since the year 2000?


Only relevant gaming they've had are the Pokemon Series of games and the Gameboy and GameBoy Advance and GameBoy DS products. Thats their niche but they need to start making app based games for phones or their flagship console (HandHeld Gaming) is going to go out the window too.



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