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Sandy Alcantara, Braxton Lee, Nick Wittgren optioned to Triple-A


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This says a few things...


They're wisely not wasting service time with Alcantara...


Braxton Lee getting cut means a non roster guy like Scott Van Slyke is pretty much guaranteed to be the 4th outfielder...


Wittgren just returned from injury yesterday, he'll be back up shortly but probably needed more time to build back up...



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I think he also could use the extra seasoning. I don't like Brinson making the team if he does, but at least he's shown he's ready.


This is true. Alcantara's major league time last season wasn't great and that's more than enough reason to hold him down longer so he definitely isn't being kept down *just* to delay service time.



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Wondering how much of Braxton Lee's cut is about service time. We don't talk about it much with him because he's labeled as more of a backup but he is a promising piece and his service clock could be worth monitoring as well. 


I think calling him up in June would benefit Braxton more than anything. Gives more at bats and playing time especially if Brinson ends up being the opening day CF.


I assume all 4 of these guys make the team and the only question is which of Turner, Nicolino, and Smith goes to the bullpen as the long reliever. 


Both Brett Graves and Elieser Hernandez probably stay and start the season on the DL based on Mattingly's comments yesterday.


Good idea about putting Graves on the DL.


I think Despaigne, Turner, and Smith should make the team. Nicolino has been given more than enough ample time to turn it around. His slider isn't anything special. Any decent team will destroy him.



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When did Hernandez get hurt


He didn't. Last week Monday he had dental work done including getting a wisdom tooth removed and it left his face swollen and he didn't pitch for a week. He got back to work recently but Mattingly says he won't be built up enough to be ready by Opening Day so putting him on the DL is the way to go. 



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I know. But Nicolino was an out-of-option guy. He will earn it at first.


You’re absolutely right that being out of options is gonna keep him on the team, but I think more in a long relief kind of role. Because even though he’s nowhere near a polished product, Caleb smith misses bats and we sorely need that kind of arm.



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