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Derek Jeter is to blame for the Marlins failure

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Jeter didn’t just kill the Marlins, he eviscerated this team. Jeter is the one responsible for this mess and the brutal outlook. 


They had Giancarlo Stanton, Christian Yelich and Marcell Ozuna. Throw in the fact that the Marlins traded away catcher J.T. Realmuto and you have an exodus of talent that is stunning. With those four players and a couple of wise additions, the Marlins could be competitive.


And Harrison, his swing is better suited to be a ceiling fan in a Florida bungalow.


there’s no reason Brinson shouldn’t be in the majors


While some people will point to the Marlins rotation as a foundation, not one of those guys has ace potential. 




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For the viewing pleasure of the few of us Marlins fans who continue to stick around Jeter has engineered, through his Pompeii like destructive proficiency, a lineup that already ranks among the worst in baseball history. It is rancid. Considering he started from a lineup that included 4 all star caliber players, with 4 others of MLB caliber, that takes some doing.  


I'll admit the starting pitching is respectable, but even then it lags considerably behind every team in its division. The only hope is that Gallen, Niedert and Sanchez will in the future keep the pitching from falling further behind.


PR couldn't be worse. Poor Jeter and Denbo reek of smugness. And Hill with his happy talk comes off sounding like a buffoon.


The article is far from an authoritative masterpiece of commentary but one thing it does have is a ring of truth to it.



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Fansided is such a joke.


Everyone they have write for them write like 17 year old kids on an online forum. Clearly this moron did not understand the Marlins situation, just like all of Twitter. A rebuild doesn’t happen in two years. If we’re stinking by end of next year, then you can ring the alarms.



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